I'm  Alexandra, the creator of Ghost of Love.


Iā€™m known to be a fast talker with a creative spirit.

I was born in Miami and moved to Brooklyn for most of my adolescent years. Moving back to Miami as a teen really shaped me as I had to learn to adapt to a completely different environment. I was able to connect with my Latin roots and surround myself with creative people, that opened my eyes to many possibilities. My father is a painter and my mother is an innovator so I suppose you can say the creativity is in my blood. 


I taught myself how to embroider in 2017 and from there I have dabbled in many creative projects. 

I believe you should try everything! Even if you suck.

Art is subjective. It is an expression of your true self.

So I create for me and if other people enjoy it then that's just a bonus. 


Currently, I am focusing on developing my music knowledge.


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